R/C Comp Score Calculator



You can use this app without a subscription or with one.  The premium version is included with a subscription.

With a subscription, you'll unlock premium services including: customizable scoring and saving/retrieving day-of scores.

Without a subscription, you'll have eight fixed scoring items with FIXED SCORE VALUES. The DNS point value is set to 50 and the DNF point value is set to 40. These values are fixed. With a subscription, you'll have the ability to customize these values.

With an adjustable timer, you can set the countdown time from 1 minute to 10 minutes.

Scoring items are as follows: GATE/MARKER = +10 points each, REPAIR/TOUCH = +10 points each, ROLLOVER = +5 points each, REVERSE = +1 point each, DIRECTION = +10 points each, SELF-RECOVERY = +3 pointes each, PROGRESS = -2 points each and BONUS = -5 points each.

A running Points Total is kept, along with a running “Final Total”.

You can fill in the Driver and Class/Course. This is included for screenshot purposes and the data will not be saved. To save scores, take screenshots. 

For complete scoring customization and saving scores, please sign-up for a subscription. When you subscribe, you'll unlock premium features, including more scoring fields, the ability to adjust scoring values, setting a point-out value and saving/retrieving scores.