R/C Comp Score Calculator



The R/C Comp Score Calculator app includes 10 customizable scoring items/values

 Each scoring item can be scored up 10 times. Score items and values are pre-filled, but can be easily customized in the Customize Scoring settings. 

 DNS, DNF and point-out can also be customized. 

Add two customized Class Type options to the existing (fixed)class choices (1.9 Class, 2.2 Sport & 2.2 Pro). 

 Adjustable timer, you can set the countdown time from 1 minute to 10 minutes. The timer offers a play and pause button and counts down to zero. Keep the app and screen open while the timer is running. 

Running “Points Total” is kept, along with a running “Final Total”. The "Points Total" includes all of the scoring points above it. The “Final Total” includes the “Points Total” plus “DNS” plus “DNF” values. You can fill in the Driver Name, Class Type, Course # and a short Location/Note. 

 Scores will be saved for the day only and are deleted at the end of the day. Saved scores can be viewed at a glance and in detail. You can export all details to a CSV file and share screenshots as well.


Prefilled Scoring items are as follows: GATE/MARKER = +10 points each, REPAIR/TOUCH = +10 points each, ROLLOVER = +5 points each, REVERSE = +1 point each, DIRECTION = +10 points each, SELF-RECOVERY = +3 pointes each, PROGRESS = -2 points each and BONUS = -5 points each. All of these can be customized.    


Spaces to fill in Driver Name, single digit Course #, Class and an optional field for a short note or location.